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A Cat's Christmas


     The Holidays are here. The sleigh bells jingle, the smell of apple pie and cinnamon spice permeate the air. The lights are dimmed to the melody of “A Little Drummer Boy”, and the subtle sparkle of Christmas lights dance across the room. The fire crackles, and warms your bones.

The season of love and giving are upon you.

As you sit to sip your eggnog, and soak in all the glory of your precisely orchestrated Christmas, from the corner of your eye you see “Precious” has escaped from her waiting area. She has launched herself into a long jump, rebounds off of  the bookshelf, and lands ever so clumsily mid tree…….

Where you prepared?




The Tree

Your Precious has a love affair with Christmas, as much, if not more than her human. She cannot wait to be “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree”, as soon as the lights go out.

This all sparkling, ultimate cat habitat will need the correct preparation to remain intact.

  Prepare your tree.

  • Secure the base of your tree. Standard flat concrete blocks  tied to the base work well.  

  • Anchoring your tree to the wall or ceiling using a high test fishing line and a wall hook, prevent the tree from falling over.

  • No tinsel or fake snow, this can be poisonous to your pet.


If you have a real tree remember that the needles of the tree can be toxic, get lodged, or penetrate the digestive system of your Precious. So always keep shedding cleaned up, 

            and water covered, to prevent any chemicals or needles from being ingested.  



The ultimate fantasy for your Precious, is now sparkling and suspended mid tree, swaying back and forth ever so slightly. You have played ball many times, now you have placed 50 of them in her new tree, and they are jingling with every swipe of the paw. You cannot blame the playful nature of our feline friends for wanting to play Christmas games, you just have to outsmart them.


  • Place ornaments as high as possible in the tree.

  • Any sentimental ornaments are not suggested. Shatterproof ornaments are a must have.

  • Tie the ornament to the tree with twine.


                        Use wire pliers to clamp the ornament hooks to the tree, squeeze tightly to

                        secure the ornament.





 Keep the mood set and by replacing candles with battery operated decor.  You can completely eliminate the chance of a house fire, or your Precious walking too close to the flame.







                    Christmas Lights & Cords

Like a bug attracted to a light, you know your Precious will be mesmerized by the firefly like flicker of the Christmas lights. 

Insure your pet's safety by wrapping the lights towards the middle of the tree.  LED lights are an excellent choice. They are cool to the touch, durable, and energy efficient. Extension cords and wire should be wrapped and duct taped to the wall or secured with plastic electrical tubing.  





     Most Christmas foliage is poisonous, and therefore not suggested. Artificial plants can keep your decor spiced up. However, felines love to chew and explore the textures, so foliage should be put in high unattainable areas. 






                                                                  Safe Room

     Our beloved cat families thrive on schedules and routines. You can relate if you have ever been late for a scheduled breakfast feeding.  The hustle and bustle of the Holiday season can be overwhelming and confusing to our companions, so it is highly recommended that your pet have a safe room during the festivities.  With a few new toys, a soft place to lay, and a little time to play, your Precious will be more than satisfied with little to no stress on you or your fur family.


From the Savannah Cat Association, to you and your family. 

We hope that you have a wonderful Holiday Season.