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Throughout your journey

and your decision to adopt a savannah into your home, there can be many questions along the way.

I will do my very best to answer as many questions here as possible. You can also contact us with any questions.



 I always recommend

that all of our clients do sufficient research and have a good understanding of the breed, temperament, pricing, diet, laws and housing of these amazing animals.

Be sure you have read your state laws on owning a savannah


I am a board member of the Savannah Cat Association

You will find excellent facts and information on there website

We are happy assist you in finding transportation for your new family member. It is a common event to have to ship a kitten, however we offer a pickup discount.

Here in the foot hills of the Ozarks we are currently breeding
F2, F5  & F6 Savannahs.
 What are the Generation Numbers?
The "F" factor.
Savannahs are classed by generational numbers specifying how many generations they are removed form the African Serval ancestry.
F1= Serval parent & Savannah Parent
Creating kittens around 63%- 80% Serval.
F2= Serval is Grandparent to Kitten 
Creating around 25% to 37.5% Serval
F3= Great Grand Parent is a Serval
Creating around12.5% Serval.
And So on.
That said, there is no know testing to determine the exact amount of Serval genetics passed to the kittens. The percentages above are researched estimations.
A great source of information for the Savannah Cat can be found at
5 Rivers is proud to call ourselves a member of this organization.
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