Throughout your journey

and your decision to adopt a savannah into your home, there can be many questions along the way.

I will do my very best to answer as many questions here as possible. You can also contact us with any questions.



 I always recommend

that all of our clients do sufficient research and have a good understanding of the breed, temperament, pricing, diet, laws and housing of these amazing animals.

Be sure you have read your state laws on owning a savannah


We are happy assist you in finding transportation for your new family member. It is a common event to have to ship a kitten, however we offer a pickup discount.

Here in the foot hills of the Ozarks we are currently breeding
F2, F5  & F6 Savannahs.
 What are the Generation Numbers?
The "F" factor.
Savannahs are classed by generational numbers specifying how many generations they are removed form the African Serval ancestry.
F1= Serval parent & Savannah Parent
Creating kittens around 63%- 80% Serval.
F2= Serval is Grandparent to Kitten 
Creating around 25% to 37.5% Serval
F3= Great Grand Parent is a Serval
Creating around12.5% Serval.
And So on.
That said, there is no know testing to determine the exact amount of Serval genetics passed to the kittens. The percentages above are researched estimations.
A great source of information for the Savannah Cat can be found at
5 Rivers is proud to call ourselves a member of this organization.

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