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The World's Finest Savannahs

Are Found in Arkansas

Here at 5 River Breeders 
we specialize in 
F1,F3, & F4 
Savannah kittens.

We have a very small breeding program. We like to consider our program more of a hobby. 
Which allows the most individual time for every animal creating exceptional personalities. 

  The Savannah


  The Savannah is an alluring hybrid cross between an African Serval, and the Savannah cat. Creating an exquisite mixture of both

Wild & Charming. 



This magnificent animal is for those of us who want to go beyond the norm, searching for a unique, sophisticated companion.   Reaching for the beauty of a wild cat submerged into our daily lives. 

The Savannah is certainly that cat, they have an eye catching charm which is impossible to overlook .  A loyal, loving personality that keeps you captivated.  

For those of you who are ready to take a walk on the exotic side welcome to 

5 River Breeders.

Proud Board Member of

The Savannah Cat Association

FB_IMG_1631386090288 (2).jpg

TICA Registered Cattery

Our Mission

Is to create best of the best.  Bloodlines that stand out, for both  their beauty and disposition.  Pulling forward the desired genetics found in our Savannahs.  Size, color, and temperament are all taken into consideration as we hand pick our bloodlines. But further than these traits, the socialization and interaction with children, adults, and other animals are considered of up most  importance to our family.


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