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Available Kittens


Delivery available in the US $300-500 by airline.

I will also travel your direction.

All of our kittens will be free of parasites, will have current vaccinations, have been examined by a licensed veterinarian and found to be in good health, and stable temperament.



Prices may very by kitten due to the color and pattern. The closer the kitten is to the ideal Stud Book Tradition the more valuable the kitten. Prices are subject to change as the kitten matures.


What comes with our

Savannah Kitten?


We have a 1 year health guaranteed contract.

  • TICA Registration Papers

  • Blanket, Carrier & Toys

  • A holding fee is half the price of the kitten & will hold your pick until 8 weeks, when remaining balance is due in full.

  • Kittens will be available at 12-14 weeks.

  • Vet checked.

  • Wormed, vaccinated and found in good health, and sound temperament.

  • Be sure to check your state laws as some generations of Savannahs are not legal in all 50 States. You can check here @


  • Shipping within the US

  • Discount for local pickup.

F3 Female
This lovely girl has a long body with bold lines and spots. She has very serval like ears and pick in the center of her dark nose. She is a bit shy at first but warms up quickly my sons carry her around daily. 


F4 Female
19 weeks old and looking for her forever home so will be a discounted price. 
She has a long body as well with a golden-brown undercoat. She has a calm temperament so I believe she will make a wonderful house pet. 


F4 Male
19 weeks old and a discounted price. Spectacular personality,
always wanting to play and the fi
rst to follow a new game.
He is brave and would make an excellent adventure buddy.  He loves to be held and carried, and absolutely loves children.


F3 Female
4 weeks


F3 Golden Male

F3 Female
Nora is 9 months and spayed. She was held back in consideration for breeding but did not reach the size I was hoping for, so in turn she is looking for a home.  She is a sweet girl, who loves to sit in my lap when I am reading

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