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F2 Kittens Arrived


Ready August 1

F2 Male. 

Cinnamon in color "rusty"

Excellent Spots and Pink  paw pads. He has the sweetest loving personality. already giving head buts, & loves to sit in your lap. He is a big boy with fantastic long leg! He will make a fantastic companion.




Prices may very by kitten due to the color and pattern. The closer the kitten is to the ideal Stud Book Tradition the more valuable the kitten. Prices are subject to change as the kitten matures.


What comes with our

Savannah Kitten?


We have a 1 year health guaranteed contract.

  • TICA Registration Papers

  • Blanket, Carrier & Toys

  • A holding fee is half the price of the kitten & will hold your pick until 8 weeks, when remaining balance is due in full.

  • Kittens will be available at 12-14 weeks depending on neuter schedule.

  • Vet checked 2 times.

  • Wormed, vaccinated and found in good health, and sound temperament.

  • Microchipped

  • Be sure to check your state laws as some generations of Savannahs are not legal in all 50 States. You can check here @

  • www.hybridlaw.com

  • Shipping within the US

  • Discount for local pickup.

Delivery available in the US $300

F2 Male

Brown, Black Spotted With exceptional contrast,

thick & bold inky black lines and Spots. 


F2 Male. This boy has such beautiful shades of brown that fade into his spots, &  his spots are very tight black , excellent contrast. He is a sweetheart, he loves to cuddle, and a is playful companion. 


All of our kittens will be free of parasites, will have current vaccinations, have been examined by a licensed veterinarian and found to be in good health, and stable temperament.

f2 Female "willow"  Is a very sweet girl, she loves to play and be spoken to. She is a bit shy to be pet and will need someone who can take the time to earn her trust. 


f3 kittens

f3 female My golden girls. 

this girl has perfect black inky spotting

sprinkled across her sides, on top of a super golden undercoat. her personality is bubbly and affectionate, she is a really sweet kitten.


F3 female with the perfect savannah figure. face, and golden color.  She is 6 weeks old. Her personality is sweet , charming & playful.


F5 SBT Kittens 

F5 Melanistic Male

12 weeks, super sweet and friendly personality. He loves human attention and play time. Also calm and comfortable to be alone.


From My Own Experience

When you are looking for your perfect addition to the family it is incredibly important to choose the right breeder before you choose your kitten, whether it is here or elsewhere! The way these fur babies are raised the first few months of their lives will determine just how well your new baby adjusts into your home.   which will allow the new owner to almost immediately be able to earn the trust of your new family member . This is because they have had consistent human interaction from day 1 until they are taken to their new homes. This creates an animal that is confident that humans are companions and nothing to fear.  This is where 5 Rivers excels.


 There is something to be said about a breeder who has children.

Children raised to handle animals are the perfect socializers. We believe this brings out the best in every animal we have the privilege of taking care of.  

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